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Meuwissen Gerritsen is a Dutch producer of construction membranes, which started operating under a new name in 2020, but has a long track record in the construction sector. We can combine proven A brands with our new-found energy and ambition to continue developing and improving.

Home in the construction sector

Meuwissen Gerritsen specialises in the development and production of technical construction membranes. For several decades, we have been supplying our range of products for residential construction, renovation and non-residential construction via resellers in the Benelux. Our extensive product lines are produced with the utmost care and quality, to make sure that constructions remain protected and functional for a long period of time.

Meuwissen Gerritsen wants to continuously meet the needs of customers and the industry alike. Our automated logistics process and our comprehensive range make it easy for customers to obtain large and small orders within 24 hours. This means customers can keep their stock levels to a minimum. We use training and advice to always keep our sales partners, contractors and the industry up to date, which means we can offer a total solution to all our users.

Our brands

Meuwissen Gerritsen supplies a variety of popular A brands. Besides our own product lines VAST-R, MIOFOL, ALKREFLEX, POLYTEX and TAFTEX, we are also an exclusive DuPont distributor of AirGuard and Tyvek. Check out the extensive possibilities for durable constructions and effective insulation.

Welcome to the family

We are proud to be a genuine family business. Meuwissen, which is the market leader in technical construction membranes, has been a family business since 1954 and nothing changed in this regard when it was taken over by Jan Gerritsen in the ‘90s. Meuwissen was then briefly owned by a Finnish company, but current director Jaap Jan Gerritsen decided to reacquired the company in 2016. Jaap Jan, who was raised among the business of construction membranes and building materials, had launched Gerritsen Industrie – and its own range of high-grade membranes – a year earlier. Gerritsen Industrie had responded to re-sellers’ calls for a wider range of products, via a single supplier and at low delivery costs. Since January ’20, the effectiveness of market leader Meuwissen has been combined with the innovative drive of Gerritsen to form Meuwissen Gerritsen. Together we can offer the best solutions for the construction sector under one roof.

Quality that can be relied on

We offer daily support to building merchants and their customers, which means we know exactly what is going on in the industry. And because our staff is regularly found on construction sites and the shop floor, we know exactly what traders, architects and contractors need when it comes to knowledge and suitable materials. This forms the basis for continuous product innovation. That is why you can now acquire quality you can truly rely on via over 1000 dealers in the Benelux.

“Although membranes only represent a small part of the construction, they have a major impact on functionality if they are not used properly or when they are of sub-standard quality. If you do it, do it right. This also applies to membranes, which must remain effective for decades, as well as the support we offer to professionals and dealers. This approach serves as a foundation for our 70-year track record in the construction sector, and why we are always working on new developments. Because construction is about relying on solid foundations for the future. Meuwissen Gerritsen takes expertise to the next level.”

About us

Director Meuwissen Gerritsen

Our brands

Meuwissen Gerritsen supplies a variety of popular A brands. Check out our many possibilities for durable protection against moisture and condensation, as well as our thermal insulation possibilities for roofs and facades.

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