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To optimize the effect of construction films, it is essential to seal them properly. When overlaps and connections to the wall, floor or skylight, for example, are not properly sealed, the risk of condensation arises. The air sealing tapes are performance tested on all of our films in combination with common substrates. Therefore, always use the recommended tape when processing our films.
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Why is an air sealing tape important?

Air sealing tapes are tapes that provide a sealed building envelope. Eliminating unwanted airflow is the first win when it comes to improving a building’s energy performance. When a building is more sustainable with its energy, it is obvious to start with insulation. A structure is then fitted with insulation material to reduce heat loss. However, there is a difference between the theoretical insulation value and the realized insulation value. Insulation material must always be properly incorporated into a structure. That is, the end result of the overall construction is determined by its processing.

Gaps between insulation and structural members or interruptions when a facade connects to a roof, for example, are usually details that need to be properly sealed. You do that on the warm side with a vapor retarder film and on the cold side with a vapor-open film. With this, the large surfaces are air and wind tightly closed, which means that the first blow to prevent unwanted air flows has been made.

An overview of all our air sealing tapes

Air thingies from Meuwissen Gerritsen

Airtight construction goes beyond just applying a foil. All interruptions or connection will need to be properly shut off. Consider, for example, overlaps of the film, the connection of the film to a window frame, or a penetration of a ventilation duct. In order to achieve airtight building effectively and easily, Meuwissen Gerritsen’s product range includes a range of tapes that help to carefully seal the building envelope on both the hot and cold sides. Depending on the desired processing, our tapes have different properties. Consider, for example, adhesion to various substrates but also applicability in difficult to reach structural parts or processing temperature.

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