Extremely thin and versatile insulation

Insulation by reflection

Most heat is lost through radiation. That is why reflective membranes are a very effective form of insulation. Reflection-based insulation is a specialisation that Meuwissen Gerritsen masters perfectly because we were the first company to use it 40 years ago in our Alkreflex® 2L-2 membrane.

Several layers, double function

Alkreflex® consists of several layers – which are separated by stationary air – and an aluminium top layer that helps to reflect heat radiation. The combination of moisture-regulating and insulation properties makes it a very versatile two-in-one product. We have added high-quality products like Roof 1.7 and 2.5 to our range so it is also possible to insulate roofs and walls. Alkreflex® is the perfect solution if effective insulation is needed in constructions with only a limited amount of space.

Millions of square meters

Ever since this revolutionary reflection principle was implemented for Alkreflex®, it has been used to insulate millions of square meters in homes, offices and other buildings. During the renovation, Alkreflex® makes it possible to insulate constructions where thick insulation material cannot be used.

Reliable and durable

RELIABLE AND DURABLE Meuwissen Gerritsen was the first company to use reflection for heat insulation purposes. Our high-quality production process helps to guarantee reliable quality. Alkreflex® 2L-2 is, just like Miofol®, produced in the Netherlands and supported by accessible customer service. You can use our service line to contact us directly for advice and information.

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Meuwissen Gerritsen aims to offer a comprehensive range of basic products, specials and accessories in order to fully support our re-sellers and professionals who work with our products. Needs and preferences in the construction sector are always changing. So please contact us if any product is missing from our comprehensive range.