Reinforced, vapour control and permeable membrane

Miofol® protects and offers better insulation

Since it was introduced in 1985, Miofol® has become the benchmark in moisture-regulating and insulating construction membranes. Miofol® offers vapour control versions for the inner side and permeable versions for the outer side and is extremely effective at preventing dampness and condensation from living areas entering the construction while continuing to discharge moisture on the outside. The water-repellent properties of the permeable membrane also prevent moisture in outdoor air from coming indoors.

For roofs, floors and walls

Miofol® membranes are so effective because of their unique high perforation density and reinforcement, which means they are able to resist lateral forces. That is why they are a lot easier to use in a wide range of conditions. This effective performance is now available in 11 varieties, which have been specially developed for use in facades, roofs, floors and bathrooms.

Robust Dutch product

MG was the first company to introduce reinforced membranes and was later also the first to make membranes UV-resistant. Miofol® construction membranes are produced in the Netherlands, are accompanied by clear information and are supported by accessible customer service.

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