Breathable and waterproof non-woven membrane

Better for the outer surface

Polytex® offers a range of non-woven membranes that are fully breathable and waterproof. These membranes allow more moisture to enter (in the form of damp) and are more effective at repelling rainwater than perforated membranes. Meuwissen Gerritsen was the first company to introduce this unique property via its Polytex® construction membrane. Polytex® was specially developed to deal with the very challenging conditions on the cold side of the insulation.

Facade and roof constructions

Non-woven membranes are used on the cold side of facades and roof constructions and ensure effective moisture management. Polytex® allows you to repel rain, snow and wind but also prevents any air leaks in the vapour control layer from causing problems on the warm side of the insulation because moisture is discharged outside in the form of vapour.

Four varieties

Select from four varieties, each of which has been developed to meet different job-related requirements. This includes a basic Polypropylene (PP) version, a UV-resistant Polyethylene (PE) version and an aluminium-based version for reflecting heat radiation and ensuring extra insulation. The Polytex® non-woven membrane makes it possible to maximise efficiency in terms of man-hours, materials and functionality.

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