High-quality construction membranes

6 varieties for the most common jobs

TAFTEX® produces 6 versatile construction membranes that make it possible to complete almost every conceivable job. The membranes have been developed based on specific market needs and can be obtained via around 100 professional dealers. Since it was introduced in 2015, TAFTEX® has become the preferred choice for a particular group of users when protecting constructions against moisture and humidity.

Moisture inhibiting, breathable and water-resistant

To protect constructions as effectively as possible, a vapour control layer must always be placed on the inside of the construction and a breathable or permeable layer must be placed on the outside of the insulation. TAFTEX® vapour control and vapour barrier construction membranes make sure that moisture from inside the building cannot reach the insulation. Breathable and waterproof TAFTEX® construction membranes make sure that moisture can be quickly released outdoors if it somehow manages to reach the insulation. The water-resistant membrane helps to keep moisture out. TAFTEX® serves as a second water-proof coating for construction and keeps out snow and rainwater year after year.

Always a suitable membrane

The TAFTEX® range offers an appropriate solution for every kind of construction. The standard procedure involves using TAFTEX® IN-100 on the inside. This is a robust vapour control membrane that is suitable for almost all purposes. For more moisture areas, like bathrooms or saunas, it is best to use the IN-150 moisture inhibitor. A water-proof and breathable membrane is needed on the cold outer surface of the insulation, and TAFTEX® EX-130 or EX-150 offer the ideal solution.

If the facade is partly open, or if roof tiles do not offer complete cover, it is also important for the membrane to be UV resistant. TAFTEX® EX-210 is UV resistant and has been developed especially for such cases. In short, you will always find the ideal membrane thanks to the 6 top-quality varieties of TAFTEX®.

Robust Dutch product

AFTEX® is a versatile product line that has been developed by Meuwissen Gerritsen and produced in accordance with the strictest quality norms. We support these products with very accessible customer service. You can contact us directly for advice and information via our service line.

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Meuwissen Gerritsen aims to offer a comprehensive range of basic products, specials and accessories in order to fully support our re-sellers and professionals who work with our products. Needs and preferences in the construction sector are always changing. So please contact us if any product is missing from our comprehensive range.