Extremely breathable and watertight

High Density Polyetheen (HDPE)

Tyvek® by DuPont™ is produced using a synthetic material that consists of HDPE fibres. This ensures a membrane that does not tear, is extremely breathable and is watertight. It can resist rough finishes and high temperatures. That makes it a very efficient finish.

Long-term protection

Thanks to its structure, Tyvek® allows humidity to escape so constructions can ‘breathe’ while continuing to repel water. This can be attributed to its unique composition, which consists of millions of inter-connected micro-fibres. Tyvek® is six to eight times thicker than the active layer in non-woven roof membranes. This means it is more durable and offers longer protection against wind and rain.

UV-resistant and watertight

Most base layers in construction membranes consist of polypropylene (PP) and not polyethylene (PE). They are thus more susceptible to UV and degrade faster than Tyvek®, which is made using 100% UV and heat-resistant PE. Tyvek offers higher water resistance and thus provides long-term protection for constructions and insulation material.

Exclusively via Meuwissen Gerritsen

Thanks to our quality standards, and its perfect compatibility with our range of membranes, Meuwissen Gerritsen is the exclusive distributor of Tyvek® in the Benelux. Check out the specific varieties and the purposes for which they can be used.

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