VAST-R® tapes for long-term airtightness

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VAST-R® is the brand name given to our extensive series of adhesive tapes and airtight tapes. No fewer than 10 different varieties help you to make your insulation material and construction membrane airtight in all circumstances. VAST-R® tapes have been developed to offer permanent adhesion in construction settings. The adhesive layer and the tape itself have elastic properties, which means the membrane, tape and construction will remain firmly connected if they are exposed to fluctuating temperatures. VAST-R® tape does not become brittle when it ages and ensures continuous adhesion.

Why is an airtight finish needed?

Airtight constructions must be created in order to comply with the strict requirements concerning energy efficiency. The walls or roofs of buildings combine a structural component with one or more layers of insulation, which are covered by a top layer. If this is not properly sealed, hot air and moisture will be able to pass through the construction and insulation. It is important for overlaps, tears and joints to be effectively taped using a tape by VAST-R®. Failure to do so will lead to energy loss and condensation, thus reducing insulation quality.

Prevent mould and wood rot

Moisture can cause mould and wood rot if it enters the insulation and the rest of the construction. This can create an unhealthy indoor climate. But this will only occur gradually, which means it only becomes noticeable when it is too late and very expensive to repair. Constructions can only be regarded as properly finished if they are airtight. This means moisture will only flow in one direction: outwards. See how VAST-R® tape can help you to get the job done.

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