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The Meuwissen Gerritsen factory in Haarlem has a wide range of technical possibilities for producing products to customer specifications or wishes. The machinery is constantly being modernized so that we can produce your product with the smallest possible tolerances. Our core values and knowledge are related to construction membranes but the machinery also allows us to serve other markets with similar physical properties. Think of laminates for transport insulation, barrier laminates for the packaging industry or gas-tight complexes for methane or radon.



The extruder produces a cast film from granules of polypropylene or polyethylene. The width and thickness of the coating can be adjusted to the desired properties and in addition, we can add additives such as UV stabilization, colour or adhesives. We can apply a plastic coating to various substrates ranging from paper, film, nonwoven or aluminium. The extrusion line is equipped with four unwinding stations which enable us to coat various materials in a continuous process as well as laminate.

During the coating process, the coating is liquid and has a high temperature. This liquid coating is used to laminate various materials to each other. To improve the adhesion of various surfaces, the extrusion line is equipped with corona treatment. With our extruder, we can produce vapour retardant films, reinforced films, vapour permeable or vapour open films. Packaging materials for various industries or insulation films for construction and logistics are also frequently produced products.

Air bubble


We have been producing air bubble film in Haarlem for decades. This film is composed of two or three basic films which are produced in advance in the desired thickness or characteristic. The film is heated by thermal rollers after which a vacuum roll introduces the air bubble structure into the film. Besides varying the thickness or colour of the base film, we can also produce a so-called two-layer or three-layer air cushion complex. The air bubble machine is designed in such a way that, in addition to basic air bubble, we can also process complexes of PE aluminium or PE nonwoven in order to make high-quality thermal insulating or protective materials.

Product innovations



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Product innovations



With our machines, we can effortlessly process material from production, usually jumbo rolls, to a desired roll size. Roll length or width can be determined on the winding machines and in addition, the size, thickness or type of tube can also be adjusted. The rolls are packed individually and thus prepared for shipment to the customer. Whatever your wish, almost anything is possible!

Product innovations

Cutting machine

For all required sizes

The cutting machine allows us to cut existing rolls to any width. This allows our customers to get project-specific material delivered exactly to size, reducing inventory and processing time. Ideal for timber frame construction, carpentry shops and contractors. Cutting self-adhesive materials such as tapes to size is also no issue on this machine. The reel splitter has a driven rotating blade and contra driven rollers so that we can cut through any flexible material without friction, regardless of the tube size. EPDM foil, PVC foil, DPC foil, reinforced foil, spun-bond foil, facade foil or vapour retardant PE foil are all examples of materials that we cut to size every day.