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Vapour barrier membranes

Miofol 125AV

Miofol® 125AV is a pure aluminium vapour barrier membrane that features an LPDE coating.

1,50 x 25 m Article no. 3212515026
1,50 x 50 m Article no. 3212515020


Miofol® 125AV is a pure aluminium vapour barrier membrane that features an LPDE coating. Miofol® 125AV has been strengthened using polypropylene webbing, which means the membrane is able to resist high mechanical loads, also when prefabricated elements are being transported. Miofol® 125AV prevents moisture in the concerned area from infiltrating into the construction or insulation.


Miofol® 125AV is used as a vapour barrier membrane in floor, facade and roof constructions. The membrane is used on the warm side of the construction. Due to its moisture-proof properties, Miofol® 125AV is suitable for buildings in climate class 4, such as saunas, swimming pools, bathrooms, fitness rooms, etc. Miofol® 125AV protects constructions against moisture and ensures an optimised and airtight insulation.


Miofol® 125AV should be applied to the warm side of floor, facade and roof constructions. Use staples to attach the membrane to the underlying construction. Keep an extra 100 mm at all horizontal and vertical overlaps. To ensure effective moisture inhibition, we recommend taping over staples, joints and overlaps using VAST-R® Aluminium tape basic. Use VAST-R® Butyl tape or Tyvek® FlexWrap tape to make openings and joints wind- and watertight.


Vapour-proof SD <1500M High tensile strength and flexibility against tears Highly suitable for very moist rooms (climate class 4) Resistant against alkaline Watertight


Weight 125 gr /m²

Fire class F

Water tightness W1

Water vapour resistance Sd >1500 m

Water vapour transmission 0,015 g / m² /day

Tensile strength machine direction 245N / 50 mm

Tensile strength cross direction 145N / 50 mm

Elongation machine direction 14 %

Elongation cross direction 13 %

Tear resistance machine direction 160N

Tear resistance cross direction 200N

Temprature resistance -20°C/80°C

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