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Self-adhesive membranes

Miofol 200AK

Miofol® 200AK is a 5-layer fully self-adhesive and aluminium vapour barrier membrane.

1,50 x 50 m Article no. 3220014600


Miofol® 200AK is a 5-layer fully self-adhesive and aluminium vapour barrier membrane. The polypropylene reinforcement ensures high tear and pull resistance. A solvent-free adhesive layer has been placed over the whole surface, so the membrane can be applied without perforating it.


Miofol® 200AK is placed as vapour barrier layer on the warm side of the insulation. Because the membrane is self-adhesive, it is suitable for roof constructions where insulation is placed against the vapour barrier membrane (warm roof). The adhesive layer immediately ensures wind-proof bonding, without staple-related perforations. Miofol® 200AK sticks to underlayment, OSB and metal roof panels, without requiring a primer. It is also suitable as a vapour barrier on the inside of constructions and insulation, in e.g., climate class 4.


Miofol® 200AK should be applied to dry and dust-free surfaces. Any sharp edges must be removed before applying the membrane. Remove the release film on the back and apply firm pressure to the membrane once it has been placed. Once applied, wipe over the membrane to ensure effective bonding and to prevent bubble-forming. The adhesive layer of the Miofol® 200AK immediately helps to create an air-, moisture- and watertight seal, but must always be clamped under the insulation material or batten to ensure permanent protection. Apply Miofol® 200AK with a minimum overlap of 100 mm. Use Tyvek® FlexWrap tape to seal any openings in the film.



No primer needed

High pull and tear resistance thanks to reinforcement

Easy installation, also on metal

Immediately watertight

No tape needed for overlaps



Weight 200 gr / m²

Fire class E

Water tightness W1

Water vapour resistance Sd >200 m

Tensile strength machine direction 470N / 50 mm

Tensile strength cross direction 470N / 50 mm

Elongation machine direction 5 %

Elongation cross direction 5 %

Tear resistance machine direction 100N

Tear resistance cross direction 140N

Temprature resistance -40°C / 80°C

Construction phase 3 months

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