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Miofol VS 2

Miofol® VS 2 is a 3-layer floor membrane, which contains 3 mm of PE foam and a blue HDPE top layer.

1,50 x 35 m Article no. 3227015000


Miofol® VS 2 is a 3-layer floor membrane, which contains 3 mm of PE foam and a blue HDPE top layer. Miofol® VS 2 features a membrane flap and an integrated adhesive strip. This highly effective vapour control floor membrane ensures an even surface and also reduces noise.


Miofol® VS 2 has been specially developed for floating laminate and parquet floors. It helps to level out minor irregularities in the surface and reduces contact-related noise. Miofol® VS 2 offers extremely effective moisture-inhibiting properties because it has an HDPE top player and the overlap section features an adhesive strip. It is often applied in two layers as an anti-friction layer (sliding plate) under seamless concrete screed in skating rinks, like in the Thialf centre and Sochi.


Roll out Miofol® VS 2 on an even floor and fold upwards against vertical surfaces. Use the integrated adhesive strip and overlap section to create a sealed vapor barrier, and cut away the surplus membrane from vertical surfaces after an hour. When used as an anti-friction layer, Miofol® VS 2 is placed double, whereby the blue HDPE top layers are placed against each other.


Reduces adjacent noise transfer

Prevents tears in flooring, caused by forces in construction floors

Features an integrated adhesive strip and membrane flap

Easy to place

Suitable for cement screeds and anhydrite floors

Extremely moisture-resistant

CFC- and HCFC-free

High tear and perforation resistance


Material HDPE – LDPE – PE foam

Weight 225 gr /m²

Fire class F

Water tightness W1

Water vapour resistance Sd >150 m

Water vapour transmission >0,15 gr / m² / day

Tensile strength machine direction 205N / 50 mm

Tensile strength cross direction 105N / 50 mm

Elongation machine direction 114%

Elongation cross direction 62%

Tear resistance machine direction 95N

Tear resistance cross direction 95N

Temprature resistance -20°C / 70°C

R-value 0,11 m² K / W

Noise reduction + / – 4 dB

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