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TAFTEX® GF-140 is a reinforced technical construction membrane.

1,50 x 50 m Article no. 1415014000


TAFTEX® GF-140 is a reinforced technical construction membrane. Due to its very effective UV-stabilised reinforcement, TAFTEX® GF-140 can maintain its strength for an extremely long period of time. The micro-perforations, and the density of these perforations, help to repel water while maintaining permeability.


TAFTEX® GF-140 is used on the outside of facades as water-repellent and permeable layer. Thanks to the unique micro-perforations, damp inside buildings can be expelled in the form of vapor. TAFTEX® GF-140 is also used as temporary glazing membrane to protect facade openings against wind and rain during the construction process.


TAFTEX® GF-140 is micro-perforated and must thus be placed away from hard surfaces. For example, in facades with a soft surface (like mineral wool), TAFTEX® GF-140 can be placed directly against the soft surface. TAFTEX® GF-140 must be placed in the same way as roof tiles. Keep an overlap of minimum 150 mm and maximum 200 mm. Use staples or battens to attach the membrane to the construction. Always apply TAFTEX® GF-140 so the printed side faces outwards. Use TAFTEX® Membrane tape to tape over staples, joints and overlaps. Use VAST-R® Butyl tape or Tyvek® FlexWrap tape to make openings and joints wind- and watertight. VAST-R® Butyl tape must be placed under the battens to create an effective water barrier, and to extend the lifespan.




Extremely high pull- and tear resistance

Chemical resistance



Weight 140 gr / m²

Fire class F

Water tightness W2

Water vapour resistance Sd 0,1 m

Water vapour transmission 211 gr / m² / day

Tensile strength machine direction 250N / 50 mm

Tensile strength cross direction 250N / 50 mm

Elongation machine direction 20%

Elongation cross direction 20%

Tear resistance machine direction 170N

Tear resistance cross direction 180N

Temprature resistance -20°C / +80°C

Construction phase 2 months

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