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The most effective way to reduce energy consumption is to insulate buildings. The Building Decree is becoming ever stricter for new builds, which means it is no longer sufficient to just use insulation materials. Insulation must be placed in a manner that allows it to retain its efficacy for a long period of time. It is thus essential for moisture-regulating and airtight membranes to be placed on both sides of the insulation.

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Meuwissen Gerritsen’s range contains a wide variety of membranes that are placed on the warm side of the insulation. Vapour control or moisture-tight membranes prevent hot air from leaving buildings via the insulation. In addition, the membranes ensure sufficient resistance against vapour pressure. This vapour pressure can lead to a vapour pressure deficit between the indoor and outdoor air, which Mother Nature will try to rectify. Without construction membranes, the moisture would pass freely through the insulation and condense at its dew point, whereby the construction would rot and mould would form.

If constructions do not have an airtight finish, hot air is able to escape through cracks in the construction or through connecting joints. This must be prevented because extra energy will be needed to heat the air and such losses, in effect, equate to energy loss. Another negative effect is the risk of condensation when this air stream cools and becomes condensation as it exits.

Therefore, instead of placing insulation material, it is perhaps more important to properly install and fully seal the concerned construction. This can be done by applying Miofol® or TAFTEX® vapour control and vapour barrier membranes on the warm side of the insulation, and by sealing overlaps, staples or tears using VAST-R® or TAFTEX tape.

When installing a moisture barrier, we recommend applying the membrane using our VAST-R® dubbelzijdig tape or VAST-R® Sealpro. This means the membrane will be applied directly to the surface, and will not be damaged by staples or other means of attachment. It is also crucial to make openings in the membrane airtight, like those for flue gas outlets and ventilation ducts, because these areas are particularly susceptible to energy loss and condensation. Tyvek® Flexwrap is a flexible and extremely adhesive finishing tape, which can be easily and quickly wrapped around irregular edges.

If membranes are placed using battens (in order to create a cavity for electricity wires or to protect the membrane by placing it deeper into the construction), we advise applying VAST-R® Butyl tape under the batten. This will prevent screws or nails, with which the battens are fixed in place, creating openings in the underlying membrane. VAST-R® Butyl tape helps to fully seal the membrane around screw holes and thereby ensures an airtight and moisture-tight connection.

Looking for the best way to ensure airtight insulation for your project? Feel free to contact us for appropriate advice.

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Meuwissen Gerritsen supplies a variety of popular A-brands. Besides our own product lines Miofol®, Alkreflex®, Polytex®, TAFTEX® and VAST-R® we are also an exclusive DuPont distributor of AirGuard® en Tyvek®. Check out the extensive possibilities for durable constructions and effective insulation.
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Meuwissen Gerritsen aims to offer a comprehensive range of basic products, specials and accessories in order to fully support our re-sellers and professionals who work with our products. Needs and preferences in the construction sector are always changing. So please contact us if any product is missing from our comprehensive range.