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Timber-frame construction

Traditional construction is increasingly making way for prefabricated construction. Certain parts of homes, or even complete homes, are now being prefabricated in factories and then assembled at the construction site. By improving engineering and mechanisation within the process, it is possible to create an efficient construction process where constructions errors, time and costs are reduced.

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Reflective membranes

Meuwissen Gerritsen is familiar with the needs of joiners. The production process and turnaround time play an integral role when dealing with roof construction, dormer windows or facade elements. We are often asked to join the preliminary process so an appropriate membrane can be selected. This decision is determined by the selected finish and the purpose of the building. Our experience in this field allows us to address challenges concerning the construction, building physics or (even) the preferred width of the selected membrane.

Meuwissen Gerritsen is a pioneer in reflective membranes that are used in facade elements. By cleverly using the existing ventilation cavity, reflective membranes can help to improve the insulation efficiency of the whole construction. This means thinner building structures can be used or higher energy efficiency can be realised. Miofol® 170AG is still the only KOMO-certified breathable reflective membrane that is based on pure aluminium. But we have also added a new version, namely Polytex® 145 AG. This membrane, which is once again based on a pure aluminium surface, offers extremely high reflection and is watertight.

Membranes are becoming increasingly important in timber-frame construction. Because expected lifespan and energy efficiency continue to improve, it is important for membranes to also remain effective over a longer period of time. This will help to maintain the guaranteed level of insulation. Lack of ventilation, continuous UV exposure or high temperatures are factors that prevent standard membranes from being suitable for all new builds. Meuwissen Gerritsen offers a comprehensive range for realizing specific constructions or finishes to the complete satisfaction of clients.

Unusual widths, specific properties for technically challenging constructions, private label membranes or standard PE membranes; we like conversing with you to see how we can further optimise your needs and process.

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Meuwissen Gerritsen supplies a variety of popular A-brands. Besides our own product lines Miofol®, Alkreflex®, Polytex®, TAFTEX® and VAST-R® we are also an exclusive DuPont distributor of AirGuard® en Tyvek®. Check out the extensive possibilities for durable constructions and effective insulation.
Timber-frame construction

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Meuwissen Gerritsen aims to offer a comprehensive range of basic products, specials and accessories in order to fully support our re-sellers and professionals who work with our products. Needs and preferences in the construction sector are always changing. So please contact us if any product is missing from our comprehensive range.