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Tyvek Soft

Tyvek® Soft is a water-repellent, permeable membrane, which features one functional layer of 100% HDPE.

1,50 x 50 m Article no. 4406015052


Tyvek® Soft is a water-repellent, permeable membrane, which features one functional layer of 100% HDPE. Tyvek® Soft offers great resistance against high temperatures and also retains its strength and structural properties for many years. Tyvek® Soft offers protection against wind and rain, while allowing potential moisture to escape outside.


Tyvek® Soft is used as a water-repellent and extremely breathable layer on the cold side of facade and roof constructions in new-build and renovation projects. This membrane is completely watertight and must be applied directly to hard surfaces (like roof boarding) when used in roofs. Tyvek® Soft protects constructions and makes sure that insulation material is perfectly airtight.


Tyvek® Soft should be placed directly on roof boarding or other hard surfaces. The membrane should be placed in the same way as roof tiles, whereby the horizontal overlap must be minimum 100 mm and maximum 200 mm. The membrane is temporarily attached to the underlying construction using stainless steel staples. It should be permanently fixed in place using battens. Tyvek® Soft must be placed so the printed side faces outwards. Tyvek® Soft can be applied to both soft and hard surfaces in facades. When working near corners, continue the membrane to the next jamb section, where it should be fixed in place using staples and/or battens. If the roof pitch is between 15° and 25°, it is recommended to use a more heavy-duty type of roof membrane, like Polytex® Pro.


Completely watertight

Proven quality for a construction’s entire lifespan

Extremely permeable

High tensile strength and flexibility against tears

UV-stable for ca. 4 months

Cold- and heat-resistant

Applied directly to roof boarding

Lightweight, health & safety-friendly

Potential damage is immediately visible and can be repaired easily and durably


Weight 60 gr /m²

Fire class E

Water tightness W1

Water vapour resistance Sd 0,025 m

Water vapour transmission 960 g / m² / day

Tensile strength machine direction 165N / 50 mm

Tensile strength cross direction 140N / 50 mm

Elongation machine direction 10%

Elongation cross direction 16%

Tear resistance machine direction 65N

Tear resistance cross direction 60N

Temprature resistance -40°C / 100°C

Construction phase 4 months

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